Photo Friday: on the sidewalk

Too much good stuff this week — thank you, pedestrians’ paradise.

Up close.

it is impossible not to look ridiculous riding a segway

To and fro.


Down below.

For Photo Friday.


3 responses to “Photo Friday: on the sidewalk

  1. I felt the same way– too much good stuff for this theme. I have such an urge to express this loudly where the world can hear me and you just gave me the perfect excuse: segways are just so wrong! Really, they are an assault upon human dignity. So what does it say about me that I crack up whenever I see a human being riding one, particularly when it’s someone in a uniform that is supposed to engender respect, which is more often than not the case? Your segway photo is perfect.

    • We live on the square where the main tourist office is, and they offer segway tours of the old city, so I have about 600 photos of people looking totally ridiculous. Also, the guides make people do a “driver’s test” to make sure they can operate the machines. Too funny. Also! You have to stand up while driving; how is that easier than walking??

  2. That second photo is priceless. First the three humans standing on their little wheeled motor stands. Next the helmets. Finally the startled look of the normal walking human. And your little poem goes so nicely.

    The whole post is very playful. Pretzel included.

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