Photo Friday: little things

Details, details.

A fish out of water.

A face without a face.

Windpipes. (Best big.)

For Photo Friday.


6 responses to “Photo Friday: little things

  1. eggandspoonrace

    These are perfect for the theme. I love precisely these kinds of odd, enigmatic details that pop out at me when I am walking around town (any town). It is uncanny how the building numbers in the first two photos, although a little quirky, seem perfectly placed in some undefinable way and so contribute rather than detract. As for the third, pink thing, I have never seen anything like that in real life.

  2. Sorry, I signed up for a wordpress account a long time ago under eggandspoonrace, so it is defaulting, but it’s actually Julia.

  3. I really love this photos. They look beautiful together, they are beautifully framed, and focused, and I also love the description of each.

  4. I love these photos, everything about it, the framing, the focus in the last one, the descriptions of it. Great post.

  5. I adore the colors of these little things. That fish above the door, especially. The pink building, the pink flower. I also like that you didn’t photograph your child(ren?) in any way.

  6. Oh! This is a such a fun take on little things. I especially love the fish and the face without a face. Wonderful!

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