Photo Friday: green

Green has always been my favourite colour (“Pink?!” I recall snorting at the preference of an enthusiastic classmate in kindergarten), and I had many photos from which to choose this week. Too many.

It was a long winter. Heidelberg has burst fully into leaf in the last two weeks, and we’ve entered my favourite time of year, when everything is green and fresh, and the weather isn’t yet oppressively hot. But within a week or so I’ll forget that I used to be able to see everything the trees have happily, patriotically obscured with all the waving of their tiny flags. I’ve been thinking a lot about change and progress lately, and these photos exemplify, for me, how easy it is to forget the potential of slow, incremental change. Until you wake up one morning, and it’s spring.

For Photo Friday.


9 responses to “Photo Friday: green

  1. This was a great idea for the theme of green. I love to see the contrast between winter and spring in these two views. Heidelberg looks beautiful. I’ve often thought too about how leafless trees, although not as pretty, have the advantage of providing a much clearer view of the landscape (especially noticeable here in the first set). And green has always been my favorite color too.

  2. Lovely photos of green spring. I am from Germany, and these photos make me feel warm, familiar, and a bit homesick at the same time.

  3. Wow, those first two shots didn’t even register as the same place. Only after reading your post did I notice the chimney pot in the same place. It’s nice to see these little windows into other people’s daily life. I like all the shots, although I think I like the first one the best.

  4. Okay, so I must have set up an account on wordpress a long time ago, but my website is

  5. Here we go. I changed it. Sorry for leaving all these comments.

  6. Lovely photos–so nice to catch a glimpse of Germany, greening!

  7. Lovely contrasts! I especially love how the trees and structures look so strong and permanent and experienced somehow without the green, but then they look all comfortable and nestled in when the green cushions them. It’s like the difference between someone who is very old and someone in the prime of life: both are beautiful, but very different.

  8. So cool – the contrast! Yes, it’s hard to believe they are the same places. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. ♥ Beautiful to compare the green growth against the gray wintry pictures….I know I never liked pink much either, my fav color has always been turquoise (but I do love sunflower yellow too)!

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